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Support fabulous women aspiring to environmental leadership – from WA to Queensland, Tasmania to Timor Leste; growing their skills with the Women’s Environmental Leadership program.

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WELA 2017

WELA 2017 – Information

The Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) program is a leadership program designed by and for women environmentalists. The Green Institute, Plan to Win and a range of women environmentalists and philanthropists have partnered to offer this exciting 12 day residential program that will examine critically ideas about leadership and support women taking even more environmental leadership in Australia.

Applications for WELA 2017 will be accepted until Sunday 26 February 2017

Who is it for?

Are you a woman and an active environmentalist living in Australia? WELA 2017 is for you! The first WELA program was developed and run in 2016 at Commonground and we have been inspired to run the program again in 2017.

We aim to bring together another cohort of 20 women from diverse backgrounds who are working on a variety of environmental issues and campaigns around the country. Some will be employed in the movement; others working as volunteers or as individuals. WELA 2017 aims to address the ways in which women’s crucial leadership in the environment movement is undervalued and often not reflected in formal leadership positions. We recognise that this dynamic is not limited to gender and we encourage women from other marginalised constituencies (such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women of colour, culturally and linguistically diverse women, working class and regional women) to apply.

The registration fee is the same for everyone, irrespective of where in Australia you live, and will cover all travel and participation costs. To keep WELA 2017 affordable, we are actively fundraising and seeking sponsorship to provide scholarships and will also help participants fundraise for themselves. Donations through the Green Institute are tax deductible.

What is it about?

The WELA program is being developed around the expressed needs and feedback from interviews and comments of women in the environment movement and will of course also grow out of the skills and interests of the 20 women who become part of the 2017 cohort. The program is collaborative and experiential with an emphasis on developing skills which can be directly applied to participants’ real life challenges.

The WELA 2017 program will increase capacity for women to lead in the environment movement by:

  • Understanding and planning to address barriers to women’s leadership – including personal limiting beliefs, organisational and movement dynamics, and broader societal forces.
  • Developing skills and capacity to undertake personal change, organisational and movement change, and societal change.
  • Building a supportive community of women in the environment movement.

Topics covered include:

  • Gender and leadership in the environment movement
  • Different models of leadership and approaches to environmental activism
  • Campaign strategy, community organising and behavioural change frameworks
  • Building inclusive movements and practising solidarity
  • Activist wellbeing and resilience, including peer coaching skills and building support networks
  • Finding your voice, reclaiming physical power, stepping outside your comfort zone

Apply now to join the second intake of WELA 2017: The leadership program for women environmentalists.

More information

WELA 2017 Information Sheet

Write to welaprogram@gmail.com or ring Sue Lewis on 0414 310 457