Program Curriculum and Structure

Program curriculum:

The WELA curriculum centers around three key themes:

  1. Personal development: Increasing personal wellbeing, resilience, self reflection; confidence and effectiveness; building the support needed to step further into leadership
  2. Workplace / campaign development: Increasing leadership in the workplace; management; community building and campaign skills; increasing the visibility and effectiveness of women in their social change efforts; understanding, considering and responding to the impact of gender in the workplace and campaign. 
  3. Structural change: Understand the bigger picture of power structures within society and the environment movement, and how gender and leadership are constructed and influenced by these; consider the elements of women’s leadership crucial for structural change; support strategic thinking and action for big picture social and environmental change. 

Examples of sessions from previous WELA programs include:

  • Panel discussions on the role of cultural diversity, indigenous leadership or the impacts of neoliberalism on environmental advocacy
  • Presentations on feminist and mindful leadership styles, decolonisation of leadership and environmental advocacy, or stepping into influence
  • Workshops on personal leadership styles, personal resilience, campaign strategy, creative approaches to change. 

Program Structure

The program structure will include:

  • Content and theory, skills based, and personal development sessions and workshops
  • Presentations and panel discussions with experts and leaders from across the environment and climate fields
  • Home group sessions
  • Regular meetings with your mentor

Home group sessions will allow you the time and space to connect more deeply with those in your allocated group, and through discussion to deepen your learning from the program. 

You will gain the most from this program if you dedicate regular, additional time throughout to reflect on the information and experiences offered through the program, share with others in the cohort, and to practice new approaches and skills in your work/campaigns.