Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia

Growing WELA’s impact – will you make a gift to support our work? Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) empowers, supports and funds women’s leadership for our environment and climate action, in order to transform Australia’s response to these crises. 
For five years, the WELA leadership development program has successfully supported the leadership, career development and influence of women working for our environment. WELA graduates have gone on to stop a new coal mine, to stop dangerous incinerators in Sydney’s suburbs, to be elected to State Parliament, to lead campaigns to save forests and habitat, build renewables and stop Adani.  

Now, with the challenges to our environment ever growing, and the leadership of key decision makers so sorely lacking, our task is more important than ever. 
We’re undertaking a significant expansion of the work and impact of WELA. Will you help us make it happen with a gift to WELA?
With your gift to WELA, we will:

  • Support women from diverse backgrounds (including indigenous women, women from migrant communities, and women from rural and low-income communities)  to participate in our life changing leadership development program
  • Expand our leadership development work to include women from the business and government sectors
  • Develop the support networks and communities of practice for women across different sectors and communities, and 
  • Establish Australia’s first giving circle dedicated to funding women-led projects and initiatives for our environment. 
  • Fund an experienced leader and campaigner to deliver our expanded program of work and establish the partnerships needed to maximise our impact and influence.

We’ve already secured 78% of our funding target of $216,000 for the first year of our plans. That means we need to raise $48,000 by 30 June to reach our goal. Can you help us get there?  

You can read more about our plans for WELA here.  

Womens Environmental Leadership Australia

WELA 2019 National Gathering

WELA and Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the world with astonishing speed. It is an enormous threat to our communities but also an opportunity to remake the world as we know it for a genuinely sustainable future. WELA will play its part in making the most of this opportunity and we are actively monitoring the implications of the pandemic and adapting our plans.

WELA 2020 is going ahead but a bit later and in a different format than we planned. We have selected the 2020 cohort from a record number of applications from amazing women across the country. The first part of the WELA 2020 program will be delivered online starting in May. The virus permitting, we hope to hold retreats later in the year.

We are also planning a significant expansion for WELA – watch for more news a bit later in the year. In the meantime we wish everyone the best in adjusting to life with Covid-19.

WELA 2020 Program

Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) is empowering and supporting women’s leadership for our environment, and transforming Australia’s response to the climate and environment crises (www.welaprogram.org.au). 

Designed by and for women environmentalists, the WELA leadership development program has successfully supported the leadership, career development and influence of dozens of women leaders across our movements for the past four years. 

When it comes to the major crises we face, we will not get out of this by relying on the same leadership that got us into it. Instead, we need new leadership styles that are networked, collaborative and responsive to diverse communities across colour, class, gender, sexuality, ability and location. Women’s leadership must play an increasingly important role in this transformation – and we are not there yet! 

Now, you have the opportunity to apply to participate in the WELA 2020 leadership development program, and experience the support, skills and personal development and networks that will assist you to take the next steps in your leadership for a better future. 

Find more information on our WELA Program page