WELA 2018

WELA is playing a crucial role in transforming the environment movement to be a stronger, more successful force to face the increasing challenges in creating a sustainable future. The wealth of knowledge and experience of the WELA reference group is being carefully passed on to the current generation of present and emerging women leaders to ensure we know and build on our own strengths, learn from those who have gone before us, benefiting our campaigns and causes. The WELA retreats are a perfect balance of new content, tools, lessons as well as space to reflect, try new things, strategise, learn, grow and build community. I’m leaving WELA not just as a more leaderful change agent but one with a powerful network of inspiring, supportive women for years to come. Teryn

WELA has enabled me to take all I thought impossible to challenge in the system and and reframe it to make me feel powerful and capable of making change. Libby

WELA 2017

Participating in WELA was a huge leap for me. I was a newcomer to environmental campaigning. Upon arriving for the first retreat I felt inadequate. The support and safe space for trying things; the content and practice time included in the workshops and programme; have helped build my confidence, awareness and skills. Thankyou WELA. Sue

WELA is about building strength within the environment movement by enhancing the skills of female environmental leaders. WELA’s power is in the strength of the collective. WELA brings together a group of women to learn from each other, to challenge and inspire, provides a space to network and build relationships so they can return to their work — in community, government, non-government, politics — stronger, more connected and better able to have the impact they need to create positive environmental change. Bernadette 

WELA has allowed me to connect and feel inspired by other women in the environmental movement and sector, and also provided the space to do much needed self discovery. The support provided to women of different skills and backgrounds has been phenomenal. A deep sense of gratitude for what the organisers have put together and spent long hours organising is what I feel at the end of this program. Marina xxoo

The WELA program was deeply fulfilling. Being connected to such a talented, passionate and inspiring network of women has been a pleasure and a great resource. I’m excited to take the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt to real world contexts and to continue a long legacy of female environmental leadership. Marie

Thankyou WELA. The skills I’ve gained here have been invaluable and will boost me into my career with extra support. There aren’t many chances for young women to connect with experienced other female leaders. Thanks, Maddy

As a result of WELA I’m now standing with my two feet firmly on the ground, confident in my direction. I’m more able to care for myself and that has given greater emotional and mental space to think strategically about the projects I’m working on. What a luxury to spend time with amazing women, being fed and cared for.  Millie

Before WELA I was lost, isolated and burnt out after many years fighting for environmental causes. WELA has given me hope, an amazing network of incredible women, support, joy, solidarity, wisdom and best of all renewed energy for the future and my role. From one woman who now has passion renewed to step into her power, Jackie

After 17 years in the union movement, I’m new coming to this space. Without WELA I’m not sure how my first year in this incredible, diverse, complex and important movement would have turned out. the women who run and participate in this course all have so much to offer and I am grateful for the opportunity to have met them all and to now have them in my life-long journey in this movement. Thankyou, Maria

I feel deeply privileged to be involved with WELA 2017. This has been an important educational and professional opportunity for me at a critical point in my leadership roles. I cannot overestimate how powerful the WELA leadership, tuition and enabling of personal growth has been for me and the skills I possess. Julie Lyford

It’s so clear to the participants, women of WELA 2017, that this program has been transformative for us. I’m already bringing new strategies for climate action to my Vietnamese Australia community in Melbourne’s West. Thank you! Huong

WELA 2016

Participating in WELA was initially confronting. Meeting such amazing and diverse activists was inspiring, but brought a feeling of being an ‘imposter’. WELA really facilitated my growth, confidence and acceptance for myself and I feel encouraged to push myself deeper into environmental and social activism.

To get out of your everyday activism, meet other activists, hear their stories, feel their hopes and fears, learn new stuff and take it all home! What a fantastic, luxurious experience. Gillian

WELA is an amazing gift. It is a rare chance to stop, listen deeply, learn from other passionate ecofeminists and reflect on your own practice. What makes it tick is women at all different stages of environmental action and life coming together to make the movement and themselves stronger. So it’s a chance to give back as well. Sandy

I would recommend WELA to any women interested in building their leadership skills in the environment movement. The skills you learn and the amazing women you meet will change your life. Jodi

WELA provides a space for analysis, exploration, personal growth, thought provoking concepts, support, strong bonds, action learning and reflection. The relationships forged at WELA provided the perfect environment for transformative learning, friendships and national networks. Cherry

WELA was an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from a wonderful group of women. It was a very supportive environment in which to learn and grow. I think one of the most important outcomes is connecting people together, which as a whole helps create a more connected environmental movement. It was a blessing and a gift to be part of it and I feel stronger and ready for more challenges. Tiffany

The time at WELA has been an amazing experience. I have been privileged to learn with these amazing women, some from the original Franklin Dam campaign. It is wonderful to have space where you can be open and honest about everything relating to activism while also making sure to take care of self. WELA has made me trust and believe in myself and connected me with these wonderful women who I know have my back. Melinda

WELA was great. Spending time with other committed, caring, supportive and super fun people was refreshing and invigorating. There are challenges that I took on because of it, including difficult conversations and working out ways to live the life I want to the best of my abilities. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to reflect and connect with their core purpose.  Imogen

A wise feminist said that the best thing you can do for your health is to get a girl gang. WELA introduced me to women who are inspirational, wise, generous and experienced in a wide range of environment and social justice work. With these new relationships I have a wealth of resources to draw on, to help me be a powerful campaigner, organiser and to navigate life’s challenges too. WELA is a fantastic way to build relationships that could support our work for life. Phoebe

Overcoming various environmental challenges and creating a future where people and nature can thrive demands a new type of leadership across our organisations and communities. The WELA program provided the teaching, relationships and space for reflection that allowed me to identify with and accept this challenge and recognise the role I can play in leading, generating and empowering that change. Victoria

WELA has been an amazing opportunity and privilege, building new relationships. It has encouraged me to look at reasons and causes of gender bias in society, no matter how subtle and why we need more women leaders. Working the main part of my professional life in a male-dominated industry this has been a most eye-opening process. WELA has given me the confidence and techniques to deal with gender issues and I have many more goals to take my climate action leadership to a whole new level!

WELA has been wonderful. A chance to learn from and connect with diverse women all trying to save the planet. It is pretty special. Training for your whole self, as a campaigner, a woman, an ally. Highly recommend it. Jess

WELA has helped me create a clearer vision of where to head and brought together a strong raft of sisters to carry our journeys into the white waters of social injustice and environmental degradation that we are trying to remedy. We have been given permission to be strong and knowledge to be effective. WELA has helped me figure out where to contribute and start a journey toward leadership. Sally

WELA has been the best leadership program I have been involved with. The coming together of women from all ages and from across Australia passionate to make a difference has been totally inspiring. Its emphasis on supporting women to step up in their leadership is essential to our world. The program has been challenging, rich in theory and practice with excellent guests and resources. So great to know others will have a chance to participate in WELA 2017. Louise