WELA 2019

My WELA sisters have been with me as I navigate life in parliament and post-politics. The facilitators and various cohorts have formed such a strong and supportive community. It is the kind of love and inspiration that keeps each of us paying it forward as activists.

Huong Truong, WELA 2017 at the WELA 2019 Gathering

It is fantastic to stake stock, one year since my WELA fellowship. To recognise the Council policy and funding implementation wins we have had that WELA gave me the ambition and boldness to strive for. As well as the support systems and campaign collaborations that have been set up to further deep and long term life affirming change. I went from doubting myself and feeling paralysed by overwhelm and frayed by the diversity of issues, to focus my campaign strategy and actions. I’ve also been able to recognise my unique and genuine gifts as a leader.

Cath Blakley, WELA 2018 at the WELA 2019 Gathering

WELA has been and continues as a vital educational and support network that has been instrumental in winning a decade long fight, the Rocky Hill coal mine/climate judgement in Feb 2019.

Armed with clear strategies, a global perspective, an understanding of the layers of complexity and the ability to work in a more confident, informed, and strengthened way led to a more concise and effective leadership role as chair of Groundswell Gloucester. 

Julie Lyford, WELA 2017 at the WELA 2019 Gathering 

The nurturing of the WELA experience has been life changing. I’ve found fresh inspiration and confidence to forge my personal path as an environmentalist, and stepped into leadership roles for two projects.
The support and mentoring of WELA made it possible to meet the challenges with renewed ambition. After a 25 year working career, ten years in the environment movement, the WELA program has encouraged me to believe my contribution is important and effective and that I can persevere.

Ruth Hessey, WELA 2018 at the WELA 2019 Gathering

WELA 2018

WELA is playing a crucial role in transforming the environment movement to be a stronger, more successful force to face the increasing challenges in creating a sustainable future. The wealth of knowledge and experience of the WELA reference group is being carefully passed on to the current generation of present and emerging women leaders to ensure we know and build on our own strengths, learn from those who have gone before us, benefiting our campaigns and causes. The WELA retreats are a perfect balance of new content, tools, lessons as well as space to reflect, try new things, strategise, learn, grow and build community. I’m leaving WELA not just as a more leaderful change agent but one with a powerful network of inspiring, supportive women for years to come.

Teryn Crick, WELA 2018

WELA has enabled me to take all I thought impossible to challenge in the system and and reframe it to make me feel powerful and capable of making change.

Libby Harper, WELA 2018

WELA 2017

WELA is about building strength within the environment movement by enhancing the skills of female environmental leaders. WELA’s power is in the strength of the collective. WELA brings together a group of women to learn from each other, to challenge and inspire, provides a space to network and build relationships so they can return to their work — in community, government, non-government, politics — stronger, more connected and better able to have the impact they need to create positive environmental change.

Bernadette Thomas, WELA 2017

After 17 years in the union movement, I’m new coming to this space. Without WELA I’m not sure how my first year in this incredible, diverse, complex and important movement would have turned out. The women who run and participate in this course all have so much to offer and I am grateful for the opportunity to have met them all and to now have them in my life-long journey in this movement.

Maria Cirillo, WELA 2017

I feel deeply privileged to be involved with WELA 2017. This has been an important educational and professional opportunity for me at a critical point in my leadership roles. I cannot overestimate how powerful the WELA leadership, tuition and enabling of personal growth has been for me and the skills I possess.

Julie Lyford, WELA 2017

WELA 2016

WELA 2016

I would recommend WELA to any women interested in building their leadership skills in the environment movement. The skills you learn and the amazing women you meet will change your life.

Jodi Larke, WELA 2016

WELA was an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from a wonderful group of women. It was a very supportive environment in which to learn and grow. I think one of the most important outcomes is connecting people together, which as a whole helps create a more connected environmental movement. It was a blessing and a gift to be part of it and I feel stronger and ready for more challenges.

Tiffany Harrison, WELA 2016

A wise feminist said that the best thing you can do for your health is to get a girl gang. WELA introduced me to women who are inspirational, wise, generous and experienced in a wide range of environment and social justice work. With these new relationships I have a wealth of resources to draw on, to help me be a powerful campaigner, organiser and to navigate life’s challenges too. WELA is a fantastic way to build relationships that could support our work for life.

Phoebe Howe, WELA 2016

Overcoming various environmental challenges and creating a future where people and nature can thrive demands a new type of leadership across our organisations and communities. The WELA program provided the teaching, relationships and space for reflection that allowed me to identify with and accept this challenge and recognise the role I can play in leading, generating and empowering that change.

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, WELA 2016

WELA has been the best leadership program I have been involved with. The coming together of women from all ages and from across Australia passionate to make a difference has been totally inspiring. Its emphasis on supporting women to step up in their leadership is essential to our world. The program has been challenging, rich in theory and practice with excellent guests and resources. So great to know others will have a chance to participate in WELA 2017.

Louise Duxbury, WELA 2016