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WELA Impact Report

2019/20 has been an exciting and unexpected year for WELA. Our first annual Impact Report outlines our key activities and achievements over the last year, including our expanded mission, and our new three-year plan for action. We particularly thank our donors, supporters program participants, and alumni for your generous support and leadership through this period, and we look forward to working with you to deliver our plans.

Read the report now.

WELA Collection

We’re thrilled to be launching The WELA Collection alongside our friends at The Commons Social Change Library. An inspiring and informative collective of quotes, films, books and articles highlighting the importance of women’s leadership for our environment and climate action. 🌳💃💪🏾It’s been a while since going to the library felt like such a revolutionary feminist act! We’d love you to check it out, share with your friends, and share with us any suggestions for additional resources in the comments. We’ll continue to work with the lovely Librarians to bring you interesting and inspiring content through this collection.

WELA 2016 – 2018 Report

WELA has come into being when society and the environment are at a crossroads. It links two pressing issues—gender equity and environmental protection—and is built on the belief that gender equity will not only transform Australia’s political process, boardrooms and communities, it will transform our response to our environmental and climate crises.

WELA is lifting female voices to ensure that women’s insights, knowledge, and contributions are fully integrated into the change we need to make to save the planet. Our mission is urgent. We need all hands on deck—women and men.

Download the report of WELA’s first three years: WELA report