WELA Membership

WELA 2019 National Gathering

THANK YOU for considering membership of Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia. 

As a valued member of WELA’s community, you will be taking action to empower, support and fund women’s leadership, and to transform Australia’s response to our environmental and climate crises.

Members have the power to vote at AGMs, to call special General Meetings and can stand for election to the Board.  

Membership is open to any person whose application is approved by the Board, who has consented to abide by the WELA Constitution, Cultural Statement and Code of Conduct and who pays the annual membership fee. 

Annual membership fee is NOT tax deductible.

Steps for Membership:
1. Print out and sign this form
2. Scan or take a photo and email it to: info@wela.org.au
3. Send us the original copy by mail to WELA’s registered address: 83 Grant St, Forrest VIC 3236 (this is required to support our application for Register of Environmental Organisations)
4. Make your payment:
by credit card (preferred method): follow this link to pay by credit card securely online
if you don’t have a credit card, please email us for details at info@wela.org.au

Please note that payment will be shown as The Green Institute on your bank statement or remittance advice.